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Leveraging innovative approaches and advanced technologies to transform the field of engineering and delivering the latest design methodologies and rapid prototyping techniques to accelerate product development cycles and enhance design accuracy.

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Welcome to Naval

With a history that dates back over 15 years, NAVAL has grown under one uniting purpose. Creating positive outcomes for people, Communities, And our planet, Engineering and design consulting company, We’ve intentionally localized our focus to serve carefully chosen regions and markets, Allowing us to put relationships and communities first, Without sacrificing expertise.

Training and qualification

Providing training programs that focus on developing specific technical, operational, or managerial skills required for job roles within the organization.

Engineering consultation

Assisting with project planning, scheduling, budgeting, and resource allocation to facilitate successful implementation of design and engineering projects.

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Creditable Integrity

We consistently demonstrate high ethical standards in our actions

Effective Team Work

We believe in TW and put collective goals over personal interests


We respect and value all individuals, our diversity is our strength


We build customer relationships and ensure their satisfaction

What we do

To leverage cutting-edge technology and engineering practices to enhance the capabilities and reliability of naval systems.

support naval operations by providing reliable and sustainable engineering solutions that optimize operational efficiency and readiness.

promote environmental sustainability through the development of eco-friendly naval technologies and practices.

exceed client expectations by delivering superior engineering solutions and services that meet their operational needs and requirements.

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